5 Recommended couple yoga poses for beginners and experienced yogis

5 Recommended couple yoga poses for beginners and experienced yogis

Yoga is one of the most famous exercises since it helps strengthen your whole body, improve flexibility, as well as balance your emotions. If you have already practiced individual yoga, we would like to recommend two-people yoga challenges that you can enjoy with your partner! Here are the 5 best poses for couples and their benefits.

Why should you practice yoga poses for couples?

Partner yoga is when two people rely on each other in order to perform challenging poses. By practicing couple yoga, you will receive many benefits as seen below:

Building Intimacy and trust in the relationship

First and foremost, yoga poses for two people allow you to spend time with your beloved one, your spouse, or your best friend. According to Loyola University Health System’s report, partner yoga can improve the marital sexual relationship and helps you regain romantic attraction. Also, many couples revealed that their married life has become stronger and happier after doing partner yoga regularly.

Boost your concentration and emotions

While doing yoga, you have to focus on yourself while keeping your mind and your body in sync. As a result, your stress and anxiety will be amazingly relieved and you may find inner peace. In the long term, many yogis said that they become more concentrated in work and better control their emotions.

Make your workout more enjoyable

Sometimes, practicing yoga alone may be boring and finally makes you lose motivation. Therefore, finding a friend can help! Call your friends to do yoga together and you will find that the exercise becomes more fun than before.

What are our top 5 recommended couple poses?

Partner Forward-Fold (Warm-up)

Similar to other sports, you need to warm up and stretch your muscles before exercise to avoid the risk of injury. Therefore, we suggest you begin with the “Partner Forward-Fold” pose. The latter lets you warm up your hamstring and increase your flexibility.

Here is how to perform Partner Forward-Fold:

  • First, both of you sit opposite to each other.
  • Straighten your legs and keep them wide apart.
  • Thereafter, place your soles of the feet against your buddy and attempt to hold his/her forearms.
  • After that, one of you starts to gently bend down while the other is leaning backward. By doing this, you will feel a stretch in your back and legs.
  • Stay in this position for about 5 breaths before taking turns to hinge forward.

Partner Seated Twist (Easy level)

Next, Partner Seated Twist is a good start for beginners. This posture not only exercises your spine and abdominal muscles, but also boosts your digestive system. You can perform this posture with your friend every day by following the steps below:

  • Sit with your cross-legged and keep your backs lean against each other.
  • After that, both of you gently twist to the left.
  • Place the right hand on your left knee while putting your left hand on your buddy’s thigh.
  • Stay in this position for 4-5 deep breaths before gently twisting to the other side.

Twin trees (Easy level)

“Twin trees” is another popular basic yoga pose because it is easy to do and effectively helps practice balance. Here is a guide on performing the twin trees pose correctly:

  • Stand up straight next to your buddy.
  • Thereafter, slowly raise your outer leg and place the sole on your inner thigh.
  • In this step, you need to steadily stand with one leg lifted.
  • Once you find your balance, raise your inner arm above your head and rest against your buddy’s arm.
  • The outer arm goes across the body in order to reach your buddy’s hand. Place your palm at your buddy’s chest level (similar to a prayer position).
  • Thereafter, try to keep your balance as long as you can before changing to the other side.

Buddy boat (Intermediate level)

If your couple has some experiences in yoga, you can try more challenging postures like Buddy boat. The latter will ease tension on your hamstring, including the lower back. Let’s see how to practice the buddy boat pose with your partner:

  • Sit in front of your buddy.
  • Hold your buddy’s hands tightly.
  • Place your soles against your friend’s with your bent knees.
  • When you are ready, gently lift both of your legs upward until they become straight (or as much as you can).
  • If you perform it correctly, you will sit on your pelvis while both of your legs are lifted.
  • In this step, keep your chin up and try to balance your core.

Front-plank (advanced level)

Last but not least, challenge yourself with this fancy yoga pose, the couple front-plank. However, your body needs to be quite flexible and strong to perfectly perform this posture:

  • To do the couple front-plank, one of you will be “the base” while the other is “the flyer”.
  • Normally, the base should be stronger or bigger since he/she has to lift the other.
  • Firstly, the base lies down on the mat and then lifts the legs before placing them on the buddy’s groin.
  • After making sure that the base’s feet are well-placed in the right position, both of you hold the other’s hands tightly to support each other.
  • Next, it’s time to fly. The base slowly lifts the flyer in the air with the bent knee before straightening the legs and the arms.
  • Now, you two are in the right position. By doing the front plank, you will build the whole body’s strength, especially the core.

Performing yoga in pairs requires a lot of hard work and, most importantly, a strong bond with each other. This is the reason why yoga is considered an efficient way to strengthen a relationship with your beloved one. Thus, let’s grab a mat and have fun with your partner!